OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, the debut album by the singer, cellist and songwriter MARA, is a kidnapping into unknown territory. With her classical roots she gives pop songs an individual timbre and it is not uncommon for jazz influences to be heard. In addition to adaptations of Garbage, The Cure or Yaël Naïm, it is above all the songs from her own pen that, in their melancholy-dreamy way, both radiate inner peace and can rebel.


In "Du" she describes the magnetism between two people, the dangerous game between wanting to let go and not being able to, while with "Fly" she floats into the unearthly, wrapped in a cocoon full of spherical sounds. Fragile and almost spiritual begins her composition "Land of Thee", while in the middle section it pulls out all the stops and lets the cello howl in an electrically distorted manner. A bath of emotions that makes you rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

"A record that you actually enjoy listening to because it has real pop appeal."

- Jazzthetik -


"If the term" authentic "was ever applicable, then it was with MARA. This woman does not care about traditional musical conventions and bravely goes her way. That is what makes this CD so special and making it a must for every music lover."

- Wild Magazin -

  • 12 track album
  • is delivered in a high quality 4-sided digipack, UV-matt foil lamination in offset printing
  • Including an 8-page booklet with lyrics and photos
  • Either in the original welding or with an autograph
  • without decoration

cd "off the beaten track"




1. You - MARA

2. Only Happy When It Rains - Garbage

3. Fly - MARA

4. Pianissimo - Peteris Vasks

5. If you know - MARA

6. Lovesong - The Cure

7. Land Of Thee - MARA

8. Lonely - Yaël Naïm

9. Church Rhythms - Eugene Friesen

10. Little Butterfly - MARA

11. So Wrong - MARA

12. Blackbird - The Beatles


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