off the beaten track


How wonderful that you want to leave the beaten track too! My new album OFF THE BEATEN TRACK is making your own steps towards happiness much easier! You can order the CD directly on Bandcamp and have it signed for you (or your love ones) at no extra charge. So you always have a nice memory!

Of course, I would also be happy to send it to you in the original sealed packaging - completely virus-free.


In addition to my album, there are other fancy products under "MERCH", such as postcards (which I am also happy to sign for you), pencils, mouse pads and cloth bags. Feel free to have a look around.


OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, the debut album of the singer, cellist and songwriter MARA, is a kidnapping on unknown territory. With her classical roots, she gives pop songs an individual timbre and you also tend to hear influences from jazz. In addition to adaptations by Garbage, The Cure or Yaël Naïm, it is above all the songs by her own pen that, in their melancholic, dreamy manner, can both radiate inner peace but also rebel.



In "Du" (German: "You") she describes the magnetism between two people, the dangerous game between letting go and not being able to do so, while "Fly" envelops her in a cocoon full of spherical sounds. The composition "Land of Thee" begins with a fragile and almost spiritual introduction, while pulling out all the stops in the middle section and making the cello howl electrically distorted. A bath of emotions that makes you rise from the ashes like a phoenix.


The artist confidently delivers a all-round harmonious album, breaks boundaries and is open to new things, and thus lives up to the motto printed on the inside of the digipack: Play as you are






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