With her debut album OFF THE BEATEN TRACK, which was be released during the pandemic in 2020, the cellist and singer/songwriter MARA delivers a collection of songs and compositions - somewhere between art pop, chanson and neo classical - designed for creative and freedom-loving people who like to engage in new listening pleasures. MARA combines her classical roots with her preference for pop music and jazz and, with her "wonderful soprano voice" (Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz), is one of the few cellists who not only master their instrument at a high level, but can also sing while doing so. Multi-layered sound compositions radiate intensity and limitlessness and invite to dream. Honest and intimate texts inspire you to explore your own creativity. 


"PLAY AS YOU ARE is my personal motto and a reference to Kurt Cobain's quote. It means to me: be free to play the music that corresponds to your personality and do not let yourself be influenced by conventions." 



Six of her own compositions by the singer/songwriter meet six idiosyncratic and personal adaptions from pop, jazz and classical music. Honest arrangements paired with creativity, individualism, fragility and an unwavering urge for musical freedom. With her hike between genres, MARA's music is difficult to sort into a type case and is therefore simply beautiful.