April 20, 2019:


3. Update CD recordings:

I took many singing lessons and am looking forward to recording all songs soon. Furthermore, I had a great photo shoot with Charles Schrader (here a video of the Making of) and I am looking forward to the great pictures that will end up on the CD and in the booklet. In addition, a new logo is being designed by a professional designer. I am now an official member of the GEMA and just have to complete the application for the CD. Next step will be the collaboration with Recordjet for the release. So it all remains exciting! 



February 20, 2019:


2. Update CD recordings: 

The crowdfunding for my CD is over, and although it can not fully cover the costs of the production, I am very, very grateful for everyone who has supported me and is helping me to bring the album to life!! 

Also I am very thankful for all your ideas that have reached me regarding the selection of pieces - 3 CDs will go to the winners of the SoundCloud challenge after the release (more information on Indiegogo).

Furthermore, all tracks are now recorded and have to be mixed first, before I record the vocals. So I've also made a final selection of the tracks which will be on the CD:

• Du

• Vasks 

• Blackbird 

• Fly 

• I'm only happy

• Church Rhythm

• Lovesong 

• Lonely

• So Wrong

• and two more titles, which will be announced until the release. 

The next step is the completion of the GEMA-membership, the registration of works and the sounding permission for the CD. In addition, there is already an appointment for a photo shoot, a new logo is in the works and a music video is being planned. So it'll never get boring ;-)



 January 20, 2019:


1. Update CD recordings: 

My CD is slowly getting into shape. What does that mean? I have selected the best songs and pieces and also arranged/composed new ones and recorded them at home with garageband. Sure, the quality in the studio will be a lot better, but like so I could get a first idea, what the pieces will sound like, if the arrangement fit and how I have to record them. I uploaded all tracks to SoundCloud. However, I have to limit myself to about 10 titles due to the studio costs. Therefore, those who comment on their favorite tracks of mine on SoundCloud can win one of 3 CDs. Do you want to participate? 


December 24, 2018:


Update: My first CD!

As you may already have noticed, in 2018 I dared to go on stage with a solo program consisting of self-arranged and composed pieces / songs for cello, vocals and loop station. This was a great challenge for me and I was also facing a lot of new things, of which I had no idea so far (concert acquisition, management, marketing...).


My next dream is a CD. To realize this dream, I understandably need financial means - for the recording, but also for the CD pressing itself and the layout/design. I decided to create a profile on the crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO because the mones collected does not depend on reaching a target amount, but everyone can give as much as she/he likes and can.

It would make me very happ if you decide to support me there. I thank you from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best and blessed and happy holidays! 




October 28, 2018:

I am very happy to be an exclusive participant of the "Made in New York Jazz Competition".